Need some help. Ok so I have an Mbox 2 Pro and I want to record some live drums using Pro Tools. Does anyone know of a good way to set this up. I have a shure drum mic kit that has 2 toms, snare, kick, and 2 overheads. My m-box has 6 inputs. Two in front for Direct In, and four in back. For the overheads I need to use phantom power because they are condensers, the rest are dynamic mics. Can anyone using Pro Tools help me out? Need to find a way to connect all of these so that I can mic this whole kit. Thanks.
Buy a small mixer of some sort. Chances are you'll only be able to output a stereo track, so you won't be able to mix the level of each drum afterwards but if you can get a good mix before hand then you can tweak it as necessary from there.

Also, this should be in the recordings thread.
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