Hey there, GG&A!

I got a Tonelab LE not too long ago and im wondering what to care about when it comes to buying an amp!
How will the amp sound having an effect on the Tonelab LE?

Im going to play Metal, with all Core-stuff included. The amp will be needed for playing with a drummer and small gigs and I'd like to have a head!
My budget is 300€ (390$) but I can save up more, if advisable!

I'm going to get all the effects I need from the Tonelab!

Please help =)
First, I've noticed with my Tonelab that if you use any more than moderate levels of gain, it hums quite a bit.

Amp will affect the tone, of course. You can take advantage of it's EQ and the character of the amp will change what comes out of the Tonelab. If you're looking for suggestions, then I don't think you need to be too picky. If you think you could feasibly get the tones you're looking for out of it with a typical effect chain, rather than the Tonelab, it should do. Mine does the job through most any amp I've put it through - though you may want a 12-inch speaker.
Thanks for your Reply!
So what should I care about when buying an amp?
Is there anything special I shoudl look at or just play my Tonelab through it?
I guess I could tweak the tone for hours at any amp to get the best sound!
I would recommend the highest watt ss amp you can buy for 300 euros. I've played my Tone Lab LE through a 120 watt Fender Ultimate Chorus that I had bought used for $250 and it sounded really good. Another suggestion would be to hook up your LE to your bands PA System...some bands with amp modling systems don't even bother with amps because they state that the sound is so much better running through a PA system.
Why'd you get a tonelab for metal? Just curious.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.