So my band has a show this Sunday Jan 25th. We have words for 3 songs, out of 9. So we are cramming a bit. There is only gonna be 2 parts, because of time, but I do plan on coming back and writing more. This is what I got in a couple of hours at work.

The Hunter

Running you flee across the land
While death is drawing near.

You hide from your fears, but your fears conquer you.
Your digging your own grave.

Stand and face your assailent
Look into the eyes of evil.

Make a choice for it's your last
Honor or Cowardice.

The Hunted, you have become
A coward fleeing for your life.

The Hunter, I will bring you
A slow and painful death.

Cleave my axe into your back
As you wilt and wither away.

Drive my knife into your chest
While you gasp your final breath.

It might not be the best but some feedback would be sweet, i will also try and C4C, but im at work right now, so it might be a while.