Me and my friend (Our band soo far) are doing for our Variety (no talent) Show. We are covering Social Distortion's "Ring of Fire" My problem is, i don't have a very deep voice. Should i do a harmony higher than it tat'll have the same notes only igher? Thanks!

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just have the guitar and /or bass played higher up the neck with a capo and it dont matter how deep or how high your voice is and if the people dont like it just tell em to eff off and keep playin and if they start throw in **** at you either go iggy or throw it back and hit the biggest dude you see gl
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I would say it doesn't matter how you do it so long as the melody's there. It's your cover after all.
play it in a higher key that suits your voice.

And Ring of Fire is Johnny Cash - actually written by his wife June Carter I think.

Social Distortion did a cover but it's still a Johnny Cash song not a Social Distortion song.
Just sing an octave above. As long as it's in the same key, it doesn't matter.
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yeh man, mess with it.
In my opinions, unless its for a talent show or you're a tribute band. Covers should be as different as an apple and an orange. They're both round and fruity, but the flavour is completely different.

Change the key, change the tempo!
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They're both round and fruity, but the flavour is completely different.

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