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Once again...it's the NME, they're notorious for being dumbasses. I know that, and I live in Texas for Christ's sake!

"If you think you've got it, shove it out, run it up the flagpole, and see who salutes it."
Gorilla Glue.

Don't clamp well. The foam gives you massive tone when you play. Like, if Jimmy Page's tone had sex with Jimi Hendrix's tone and then Brian May's tone raped Eric Johnson's tone and both sexual intercourses led to babies and then those babies ****ed and had they had a baby.

Like that kinda tone.
Most would suggest using a White wood glue, which is slightly easier to get off if it needed replacing at a later date or if you screw it up while making it.

This is as opposed to, Yellow Glue like Titebond Original which is much stronger.
Alright thanks wood glue it is. Were people upset because i used the word adhesive? If so ill try to refrain from it in the future.
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jesus christ i didn't know everyone here was a moron


titebond original is the answer.

LP, how come in your build threads I see you using duct tape to tape your boards on then? I think you are leading this person astray. Shame shame...