Hey im buying a new guitar at the moment and im debating between these Ibanez's

Ibanez SZ320 ($900 NZ)

Ibanez S320 ($900 NZ)

Ibanez SAS32EX ($950 NZ)

Ive gone to my local guitar shop and ive played all of these, and and enjoy playing them all equally. Which do you think is the best one to choose?
I hate tremolos, and I love string-thru bodies, so I'm gonna say the SZ320. Plus, you have independent volume controls and a master tone control, so you can vary the sound even more than the traditional two-knob layout. The 6-inline headstock with the other two is pretty badass, though. I say leave the S320 and take either the SAS32EX or the SZ320.
Im not wanting a double locking trem particularly (such a hassle if anything goes wrong)
I dont mind a single locking trem though

Oh and the pups are:

Sz320: SeymourDuncan/Ibz
s320: ibanez INF1, INF2
sas32ex: ibz TDB1
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what would you suggest is better in the price range pebbles? if anyone else has suggestions theyre more than welcome