so iv been jamming a fair bit lately with a friend of mine at my place, and we usually just end up jamming over the same riff for half an hour. and honestly, the riffs/progressions we jam over arent that great.

i remember jamming with a kid once at my old school, and i dont know what he was doing, but his accompaniment to my improvising was actually making me sound better than i usually do.

so is there a trick to making the improvisation sound better by playing a certain accompaniment.

ALSO, can annyone reccomend me (us) some progressions we can use to jam over that sound particually good.

mainly major and minor scales, of any key. not modes particuly but if you know one that sounds real good, let me know.

so yeah, give me the chords, and what scale(s) to play over it while we jam.

thanks heaps.