Hi guys, well, I'm making a stand since I don't have one and I own 2 electric guitars, 1 classical guitar and a bass, so I think now is a good time that I make a stand.

After countless minutes of searching on google I found this-

It looks good in my opinion, but I'm not so sure about it being made with PVC, It kind of worries me since I feel that PVC is a bit light and well, it's plastic.
I really need a stand and I can't afford a 100$ worth of professional made stands.
What should I do? Any opinions?
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Check out my thread, I am building one out of wood that is a Guitar and Tiltback amp stand. Only 2 guitars though but you could add some more stands to the back or something.
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i made one like this about a year ago, it works great. im thinknig about getting about $30 in pvc and using my old pieces and turning mine from a 4 electric to maybe a 8 electric and two acoustic.

i love my stand, it does exactly what i need it to do.
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hmm, ive been debating building a multi guitar stand, ill look into this more.
I did build a single guitar stand out of copper pipe a couple years back. :P solid as a rock!
I did this exact instructable awhile back, and trust me, if you do it correctly, you don't have to worry about damage to your babies or it breaking It's pretty damn stable.

Same goes for you Jim <.<

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