What the title says...The place I work are looking to cut staff and they are doing it by basically waiting for them to make mistakes and sacking them. My friend was sacked for turning up late the other day cus he got held up at uni...(was on a tempory contract) I asked for time off to revise for exams and got refused..but as it got closer I knew i needed it so I asked again offering extra shifts after exams to make up hours and helo out when I could..Eventually after they still refused I lost my temper and basically said My degree comes first I wont be in work tonite. Now i have been at this place for almost a year with no prior warnings on a perminant part time contract. Apperntly I am being sacked because of missing this time. However I thought that they cannot do this with out having prior warnings as I did inform them and follow company policy and I was even honest (didnt pretend to be sick) Therefore it cannot be classed as gross misconduct..so I'm sacked I think a sueing is in order...I'm in the UK btw.

I think companys that go this way about cutting costs discust me as it isnrt based on who isnt working well, who isnt needed as in hours they have plenty of staff.. Trust theres gonna be a S*** storm when I go in monday.
Hmm... Is your last name "McCann"?

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Yeah you should sue, you might be the first person to be fired because of the bad economy.
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to be honest I could see it happening. we got told 1 more would go..So it was just a case of who would F**K up first i guess... GOnna be a pain after my degree..there'll be no jobs :S
my dads work 10,000 employes were laid off including my dad the company was pretty big back in the day but started to tank (once it had like a $200M loss for the year) my dad just got laid off this january he was one of their top project engineers since there was only like 100 people left there. he doesnt get a pension either just a lump sum. so yea economy sucks balls cause one of the problems is everything is being shut down or shipped over seas.
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