I was wondering if theres any solutions outside of getting a 5 string bass, to achieve lower tunings on a four string. I have an ibanez EDB sitting around and i want to get it cleaned up, and set up. Could I use the B E A D of a 5 string on my 4 and get real thick gauges?
Just get a thicker gauge of 4 string and leave a good amount of string on the tuning peg.
yes you can...
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oh im sorry. a or aflat. I dont really go outside of standard tuning, so this is kind of foreign to me.
If you're planning on keeping your bass in A/Ab then getting the BEAD strings from a 5 set, but if you're planning on tuning to standard again then it's not going to be a great idea.

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well i actually have two basses. The one i use primarily is the one i jam with in my current band. I only use standard and drop d tuning which works out perfectly. Im going to be joining this metal band whos guitarist tunes aflat. I wanted to set up my other bass for that but wasnt sure if i was able to achieve that low of tuning with a 4 string.
you don't have to retune, it just makes things easier.

however a 5 string set will be fine.
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thanks for the help. i will try the five string set on a four. i didnt wanna do it if it didnt work.

with my current bass, any tuning below b the string would just flop around without any real sound. my tuner wouldnt even pick it up because there was basically no note coming from the string.
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