Poll: Which Cable Brand?
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Planet Waves Cables
9 64%
Mogami Cables
5 36%
Lava Cables
4 29%
George L CAbles
2 14%
Voters: 14.
There all great. George L's aren't really user friendly for instument cable. I use George L's for my pedals.
I paid $12 for a random 20' tweed cable. It's just as nice as the expensive Mogami studio cable I have around.
That's not too comprehensive of a list. I went with Planet Waves because they're the cheapest of that group and I don't believe in paying for marketing hype.
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Quote by pilgrimevan
Where's Monster Cable?

Most people said that Monster Cables weren't that good and you only pay for its brand name and there are other better sounding cables (some cheaper) than it so i decided not to put it.