I've got a Rocktron R10 Rampage, which is a nice practice amp with a killer distortion unit built in.... I've had it a year or two now, bought it used. I've never had any problems, but recently the gain has kicked up. I've tried playing around with the gain, volume, and EQ knobs, hitting the OD button, and everything else I could think of, but no matter what I do it gives me way more gain... When you plug in, you hear this sound, almost a buzz but not quite, that's like what I get when I plug a guitar into a small high-gain bass amp and turn everything all the way up. There's no way to get a clean tone, easily, and the distortion sounds different.... Better honestly, but I miss my clean tones. I've got four electric guitars and each one has had the same results. Anybody knwo what the problem is?
you really need a new amp
and what are your guitars???
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OK, my guitars are a Squier Affinity Series Fat Strat (2007), a Guild S100 Polara (1968) w/ mega hot rodded DiMarzio pickups, an Epiphone Dot (1997) with decently hot pickups, and a FirstAct little Liverpool-looking/LP double-cutaway-lookin' thinggy that's actually pretty cool but the pickups are really cool. Also a Fender Electric Acoustic... I don't know the exact model. All of 'em get gain. And in response to IbanezPsycho, I'm not most kids... I liked the tone I got before. I don't need mega mega gain, usually. And I've got a distortion pedal that gives me that gain, when I do.