okay so i remember watching this movie some time in the nineties when i was a kid, and it was about some kids find some eggs, bring them home without telling their parents and the eggs hatch! out pops a bunch of different dinosaurs all small and weacky antics ensue! i always though the movie was called "Dinosaurs" but IMDB.com says otherwise! and i've tried googling it but nothing comes up thats relevant! a guy i work with is the same age as me and remember's the movie too so i'm not making this up :P anyone remember this little classic piece of childhood history?

p.s. the reason i'm asking is i want to buy it on ebay or somewhere online
Barney The Dinosaur?

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We're Back! A Dinosaur Tale/Movie


very possible. jurrasic park: the prequil?
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...sounds like music to me
i kinda remember that movie, i was probly about 7 when i saw it so i can't remember
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Damn dude i know what you are talking about but the name is not there...

i hate it when i can't remember things...

thanks, now ill be up til like 1 AM trying to find it.
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We're Back! A Dinosaur Tale/Movie


I believe this is correct.
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no its nto we're back! it was live action!
HOLY ****!! it's Prehysteria!! your the greatest guy! ebay here i come!!
oh man! and the kid the last action hero is in it?!! oh shizz-nit, i'm buying this tonight!
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