Last thread sorta went stupid.

Anyone else think Ibanez's like below look rather ugly?

That kinda body I find rather unattractive - http://ibanez.com/images/finalzoom/RGR421EXFMTLB.jpg


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Dumbass, ever heard of free speech and choice of opinion?
I don't like the super-strat shape at all, or the normal strat shape for that matter.
That one that you posted particularly I don't like. The horns are too sharp and a bit narrow.
And what's with the control placements on that? Not that comfortable for me.

And are you allowed to repost a locked thread?
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
It's usually not a smart idea to reopen a thread that's already been closed.

These keep getting closed because:

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4: Preference threads: Do not start threads about what you prefer over other brands, or what you feel like advertising about because you think it?s the greatest. If you are asking what other people prefer, that is fine.

i like the strat shaped but tha ibanez is just weird

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Dumbass, ever heard of free speech and choice of opinion?

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