Time to come out and admit your distaste for bands or artists that are widely regarded as being good, brilliant, or legendary.

Me, I do not like MUSE. I admire their use of effects, as I am an effect junkie myself. But I just feel like all their songs just drag on way too much.

Alright, GO TIME! Led Zeppelin, Dream Theatre, Racer X, Paul Gilbert, Satch, Yngwie, who do you "not really hate but still...not a fan..." ?
"Levelled up. Still no solos."
As much as I want to, I just can't get into Tool.
Daron. The Pit loves you.
daron aka kosmic is now a pit legend
Best post on the pit. Good for you.
thats pretty epic.
So you're like a slower paced Forrest Gump...
Keep it to yourself, seriously, people don't want to hear that you don't like Muse for a silly reason.
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Dave Matthews. I love his band his bass player is sick but I HATE his voice. It annoys me.
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