Does anyone know any songs that arent tooo hard and have tradeoff solos

the hardest solo i can do is enter sandman (yes im a beginner)

i dont mind what type of music it is..as long as it isnt really hard (e.g megadeth)

cheers in advance
the list is endless, but most of Black Sabbath's songs are easy to play.
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Im not sure if you could play it but its definately worth trying out, the trooper by iron maiden, great solo and fun to play, will also bring your hammer on and pull offs up to scratch
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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fade to black? um a7x does some trade offs, but there stuff may be too hard, try slayer
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Trust me man, it's Smoke on the Water. Deep Purple only wrote one song.

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alright cheers

i was thinking about the trooper...thats my last resort though cuz its quite difficult

any others?
Some of BFMV's early stuff, Tears Don't Fall, Hand of Blood, Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow etc, are all quite good if you feel like learning to solo together, because they haven't really got a designated lead guitarist, even though it says it on paper. Both parts a just as complicated as the next only played 1-3 quaters higher/lower to make the harmonies.
Welcome Home by Coheed is a good one.
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