I wrote and recorded this real quick the other day. I don't think the quality of the actual playing is that great but I'm working on it. I played all the tracks on the recording for the guitar and bass and I'm 15 so don't expect Ron Jarzombek.


What do you think?

Dude that sounds sick, especially for your age. I'd love to hear some vocals with it and more songs. The banner also works well.
Sounds awesome! Keep working on it!
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Hey man, this is some cool stuff, sounded somewhat like a hybrid of Born of Osiris and The Fall of Troy. You've got some nice technique, and for being technical this really is pretty catchy, just wish it didn't end quite so soon. I have no complaints, everything was executed very well. The breakdownish part at :30 was very neat. I'd totally buy an album if you ever recorded one.