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That was pretty cool dawg. I think it needs a slow solo somewhere in it, not necessarily from where you left off. With like just the bass line under it. Idk, just an idea.
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This is am overall very nice piece.
Good use of acoustic and heavy guitars at the same time.

Is the tripet 16th note strumming thing possible though (Bar 33 and so on)?
I know the lead parts are, but getting each chord cleanly...?

Either way, it works well.

The lead at 49 was amazing.
Verse 2 was very nice, I really liked the harmonys you had there.

The ending is too abrupt, maybe end it on a G5 (Or whatever the starting chord was - Sounded like a Gmaj7 to me, so end it on a G5, or an Em. But I think a G5 would work better).

Besides that last bit - Very nice! 10/10!
If you want to C4C;

But (judging by this piece) I'm not sure if it'll be the kind of stuff you'll listen to.

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wrong section


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