Hey, this is the first song I have made my self on guitar pro 5. I've finished the song, but haven't added any extras, fills or adjustments yet. It influenced by bands such as Sum 41 etc, and I'm wondering what you guys think, and any suggestions are more than welcome!
Composition (Punk Rock).zip
If this is your first song, then you are obviously talented. It sounds great as it is, and ýou´re right about the influence. The whole song is very flowing, I don´t see any problems there at all. Nice solo, and I like the half time feel you put in at bar 93.

A very nice song, hopefully you´ll post more of your stuff on here.

Maybe give this one a listen?

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I see alot of blink in this, i like it. Hopefully you'll be posting more of your material here soon, cause what you've done here sounds pretty good

Something i did a while back. Not brilliant in my eyes but people have different opinions i guess.
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