I am wiring Washburn right now based off this diagram:

I am doing the grounds now, it would be ok if I put the ground from the bridge and the ground from the jack on the neck tone pot instead of the bridge tone pot, right? As long as there is a ground connecting the two pots it is fine, right?

The ground from my bridge is a bare wire that doesn't go all the way to the bridge tone, and if it did, it would touch the other pots, so I can't do that.

EDIT: Actually, I would like the bridge ground on the neck volume pot
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ground it to where everything else is grounded


there isn't just one grounding point. All pots are grounded to each other, the three way is grounded to a pot, the output is grounded to a different pot
^ is it grounded to the bridge though?
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It will be, that is why I made this thread, to double check that I can move the bridge ground around, and the first reply to this thread was helpful.