Does someone, anyone have an idea as to what is going on here?

I've been going nuts trying to figure this out. I bought one of the MS wireless racing wheels, but just can not get it to work. First, I tried loading the disk with the software drivers/Forza 2 demo. All it wants to do is play the demo. It doesn't say or do anything about install software drivers. So I then decided to try and connect the wheel to the 360; nope, won't do that either. So I've had it about up to here with this thing. It doesn't do anything and will not connect to the 360. I tried to the software/drivers disc several times and followed the instruction order, but it will not work. And MS's technical support site is useless. Any thoughts? I bought it new in a sealed box, but it has to be something I'm doing right?

I'm desperate. I flushed $100 down the crapper on this thing, and it will get thrown out a window if I can't get it working.
Dude did u plug it in before u turned it on? If not, plug it in with ur xbox on turn it off wit it still pluged in and restart it and then try the software.
I did connect the pedals to the wheel before powering it, and powered it after the Xbox was on. Had no luck last night, yet it worked this morning. Ah well.