maybe im stupid but i cant tell the difference between the two. ive never actually heard one in person, just youtube videos. can someone explain or show me a sound sample of each or something

also if anyone knows any other cool (not over the top like echo and flang) sounds you can get with pedals thatd be great. im looking into chorus reverb and delay pedals. what are the best pedals in these 3 categories?

The reverb's a bit more subtle. It basically echoes your sound out a bit, like the sound is bouncing off the walls.
Reverb is more of an echo, and chorus almost makes it sounds like your playing more strings. I know thats not the best way to describe it but thats basic
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Chorus is the simulation of several instruments playing the same thing within a few cents of each other. You find it naturally on 12string guitars and grand pianos.

Reverbation is the sounds reflecting back at the listeners, depending on room size, etc etc. If youve ever played/heard a gig in hall with bad acoustics, youve probably heard reverb in its worst form Spring-reverb can really sound good when used right on instruments and is also often used on vocals as well
thanks, i can tell the difference now, i like chorus a lot better. got any recomendations for chorus pedals?