I'm in the market for a wah pedal. so what is better then slash wah, or the original cry baby wah?
i have an orignal cry baBY it works great. the EVH one looks good
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It depends. The original cry baby is a good basic wah with a decent sound. I'm not sure about the slash wah, but it has more features and sounds if you like those kind of stuff on a wah. If you like a good clean wah sound like in a lot of classic rock and not extremely heavy rock, then you might also like the Vox V847.
kinda depends what genres you play and what you're gonna use it for...
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Dunlop 535Q Wah fo shizzle...nah...not really...but it's a good suggestion for all that. Try some out at guitar center or a good music store and see what you like.
the vox clyde mccoy pedal is the best wah ive ever played. I used to have a dunlop cry baby (non-vintage) and i thought it sucked. the clyde mccoy has a wide range in tone...aka very high trebles and lw basses and has true-bypass. it is the original pedal that ppl like clapton, hendrix and page used so it is very well suited in classic rock (which is mostly what i play). I would suggest this...it hasnt let me down at all
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Slash Wah, Budda wah, Clyde McCoy maybe, or if you can spend the extra money you definitely want a Teese.
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The Slash Wah is horrible IMO. Go for the original, or an Ibanez Weeping Demon.
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