I'm ordering my L5 from Warmoth in a day or two but I still need to decide on the volume knob and pickup selector placement. I really wish the pickup selector could be in LP position because it looks like my hand could easily hit the selector in both strat style and option 2. Also I'd like to have only 2 control knobs, one volume and one tone for two pickups. Is it possible to get Warmoth to drill these holes? What knobs/selector do you guys recommend?

im pretty sure warmoth will route and drill holes for you...

What do you mean, "What knobs/selector do you guys recommend?"
Do you mean like what configuration or what type?
If you're getting the body ufinished, just order it without any holes for controls and put them in yourself where you'd like.

If you're buying it finished, I'd give Warmoth a call and see if they can do anything special for you.