well. i was just playing around with a few ideas for a song, there is text. so most of the guitar is really simple. but i'm a little stuck on what i can do spiff it up more. and the solo thing is just something i came up, better ideas ? the solo is played over a Eadd4#. C4C

btw there are a few mistakes thanks to my comp inability to process fast enough and the volume is a little unstable in the beginning. but i'll just have to live it for now i guess.
are you recording with a drum machine? sounds like the song is leading to something more heavy like a good intro to a metal track maybe, has a sad vibe then kick it into gear would be nice or hell have somebody chanting over it if you leave it the way it is and a slower and lower volume solo would fit better I think. sounds pretty good though
The song started off very ambient, had a sort of spooky feel to it, maybe something that would be in a horror movie. When the guitar started to come in a little more, had a very cool groove to it, again a little spooky. At about 2:10 it departs from the spooky feel and the chord progression is a little red hot chili pepper-esque which is cool. The dissonance at 2:30 is cool, too. The rest of the song seems to drift in out of the progression/groove you had early in the song. The solo felt very uneasy for me, but that just maintains that spooky-ish feeling. This track reminds me a little of the theme for the 28 Days Later movie... Sweet job. Can you check out my track
Very nice, Reminded me of the intro for 'wake up' by ratm. I think it kinda lost it 'spooky-ness' when you started going into the chords. Idk.. maybe add a second guitar around halfway through.
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are you recording with a drum machine?

using ezdrummer. decent and simple to use.

thanks for advice and support guy