Hey guys, I'm really in the mood to try and learn to play some blues, and all I've been able to come up with are a few riffs here and there, does anyone have any good sites or suggestions of songs that I can get tabs for? It's really frustrating, because watching the dewey cox movie and listening to that old blues player really hit a nerve and I'm determined I'm gonna learn to do that kinda stuff.

Thanks in advance,
Id say look for robert johnson, if thats his name. Oh and you could sell your soul at a crossroads, thats the blusy thing to do after all. Ugh believe it or not play most lamb of god half tempo and clean and its pretty blusy stuff.
Peace be thy journey
bluesforpeace.com really helped me out they got some cool licks and videos on there

also im not sure how much you know but learn the minor penatonic scale and the 7th chord shape