Basically il looking for a unique shredding guitar. I want a guitar with some mass, But no odd shapes like the ml or v. Basically a big guitar knowone has that has a thin neck and plays well any suggestions? I play basically all styles. P.s. I have an american strat, ibanez rg, and a godin solidac.
for shred id go for ibanez or jackson, but it seems you already have one =P

try looking at some schecters.
maybe try your hand at a 7 string even.
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How you play a guitar makes it unique.

Unless you custom make yourself a guitar, it's not going to be completely unique anyway.

And it's not 'knowone' - it's no one.
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But you should check out the Jackson Soloist series...great guitars. Thin necks and great tone, though they tend to lack on the low end, so not the best (still good though) for riffing if that was something you wanted in the instrument as well...

(Though any guitar can become a "shredding" guitar, just depends on how good you are. The instrument is a tool, and granted there are different quality tools, but the end result is all about your skill, not the type of guitar you have...)

My I like the ibanez i through a super distortion pickup in it still doesnt have as full of a tone as id like, Maybee i like mahogany alot, But i like tha playablity but its to puny for me.
I am thinking of going 7 string, I like how the strings anre closer together