So recently i jumped from a pawn shop guitar to a Ibanez AEG10E. I love it, but I wonder if it is possible that it came with a small issue. Other people around me and I seem to think there is an extra vibration coming from the guitar when i play the A string. I wonder if I may just be paranoid, or is it plausible and should i have the guitar looked at?

edit: If i play the Low E string and A string together the vibration is noticably worse, but only once the A string is struck.
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Sorry, but can you describe vibration? Do you mean the entire guitar vibrates, as in you can feel it, or is there a "buzz" quality to the vibration?
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It's like a rattle coming from some part of the guitar that isn't the strings. I've uploaded a sound clip of me first playing the E string then the A then them together. I only have my little labtops mic so it is quiet but hopefully you can hear the rattling at least when i play the E and A strings together.

Physically i can't feel any extra vibration so i guess it's more of a buzz quality. Mostly i hope the sound file does justice to what I am hearing. It is most obvious to me at least in the 11th second of the clip.

Here's this link, it's just the first thing that came to google when i searched host file or something:


I appreciate it guys.
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i can't really hear it from the file you provided. Anyway, since it's an electro-acoustic, check if your electronics are the cause of the rattling noise. I have an Ibanez electro-acoustic too (EWC30) that rattles because of the battery pack on the guitar. It also buzzed on the A string + the D string. What I do is I just take the battery out and put it back in. Most of the time, the rattle goes away.