Hey Guys,

I've been playing around a lot with some Smashing Pumpkins thanks to a friend of mine, but I've run into a bit of a snag:

Off of the Adore Demos II there's a song called Satellites, and I daresay it's my favorite song by B0lly. Anyway, the tuning he uses for the song is very strange, and after playing around with it for a couple hours my friend came up with the idea that every string is tuned somewhere in between a half step and whole step down.

We have been toying with that ever since and it seems pretty close, I was hoping that some of you out there could listen to the song and either confirm we are on the right track, or maybe even suggest a better or correct way of doing things.

Basically I wouldn't mind seeing someone come up with the tuning and chords for this, like I said I think we got close, but not are sure.

(I'm pretty sure you can grab the song over at ThePumpkins.net, in the downloads section)

Well I'm not familiar with the song, but the Pumpkins usually tune down a half step to fit billy's voice better.
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Yeah that's what I thought originally, but after playing for a while it just doesn't sound right.