Whats your favorite stuff from boston, I didn't see a thread on boston so lets start some discussion.
I don't listen to really any classic rock, but what I do like from them is Walk On. They're really not that bad of a band, I just don't like classic stuff.
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It's hard for me to find any Boston I don't like.
Over the years, I have found that I am most enmaored with the material on their second LP, "Don't Look Back." Probably my two favorite tracks are "Feelin' Satisfied" and "Party."
I think there's already a Boston thread... but their debut album "Boston" is one of my all time favorites. Every single song on that album is a great rock song... simply put.
My fav. songs by them are A man I'll never be, Amanda, foreplay/longtime, and more than a feeling
Boston is Pure Rock and Roll
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