Looking To Trade My AXL Bloodsport Fireax For A Squire Fat Strat RESPOND FAST!!!

I have an almost mint condition AXL Bloodsport Fireax that I want to trade for a Squire Fat Strat or a really good condition normal Strat. This guitar has 2 humbuckers (Neck and bridge) and a single coil for the center. All EMG Designed. Guitar is 100% stock and made for Metal. Trading as I am getting more taste for classic looking guitars instead of extreme guitars. Super Thin Neck And A Double Locking Tremolo Bridge. I know that they are $325 American and that the Squire is $300 so I'm slightly on the losing end but this is a real trade. It Is Not For Sale Just Trade To A Good Home. I will take pics once some people are interested.
My Email Is SixStringPaladin@gmail.com
I Will give pics when someones interested. Mint Condition Other then one blemish, Which I will take a few pics of specifacly so you can see its nothing major or even annoying. This Is A Great Real Trade. Also By Trade I Mean Guitar For Guitar, Each Of Us Paying Shipping On Our Own Instrument, and getting into phone contact beforehand to ensure not getting ripped off. No Cell #'s. Also Feel Free To Make Another Trade Offer, I will not take cash this is trade only.