Hi, my names Erik. I've had a song book that i've had for awhile, and i need some input. I have so many songs, i obviously can't post them all in one sitting, so for my first post i'll just post two. Also, some of the lyrics are just verses i thought of, but i will post them seperately. Also note, most of the songs are right off the top of my head, but regardless, critique them, without any remorse. On a side note, I like many different types of bands. My favorite probably, is Weezer. Rivers Cuomo is my inspiration for many of these songs. Other bands would be the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Muse, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Cold War Kids, and The Killers.

I love it,
It should be getting under my skin,
but i'm not worried enough,
Its scattered throughout,
but when i look out,
its nothing but a frenzy,
So come find me,
but otherwise i dont want any part.

Uh yeah,
I'm a mess and i got played,
That young no chance of getting paid,
Damn those girls do it to me every time.

*Chorus* I watch and don't learn,
I look and still fall,
I cross the line,
and fall off the bridge.

Uh yeah, what do i say now,
when your running across town,
pathetic from the outside,
unpredicatable moves linger among,
Well, uh..what do i do now.

Take my advice and don't go,
Past that line with age,
Your locked up in that cage,
And it'll be the death of me