Hi UG, I need your help.

I want to tryout for local church group band, and thus I must have something to present. Although it is going to be a pretty rockin' band and I myself have been known to use distortion, I wanted to present something acoustically.

What do you guys and girls suggest I learn?

Note: if it requires very complicated finger picking, its going to be very, very difficult for me.
A church band?

Dude, you don't really need virtuoso guitar skillz for that. I speak from experience. Just some chords, strummy stuff.
Blackbird is hard fingerpicking for him, though... I'm assuming... ? And TS prepare to be flamed... Haha Not by me, though...

Does it have to be a well-known song? "Fix You" by Coldplay is easy...
Honestly dude, for my conservatorium audition, I did three songs of my own composition. It will impress them more if you arrive with a song of your own creation that fits the mood or aura of the musical environment.
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Your own piece?

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I Will Follow You Into the Dark.

Sing the verse about Catholic School being as vicious as Roman rule.

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I Cum Blood

And sing along with it
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About A Girl-Nirvana

hopefully no one will really listen to the lyrics
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ON EXPERT!!!!!!11

Maybe try "The General" by Dispatch?
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Simon and Garfunkel - The sound of silence
Jordan by Buckethead.

No seriously, play the acoustic version of Under the Bridge. From what I can recall it's not too hard for picking.
So What - Metallica, with lyrics.

they will LOVE it.

EDIT: but sereously, try Wsh You Were Here by Pink Floyd. its a great song, easy to play, and sounds great.
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Blackbird is prefect, thanks!

You're welcome. I'm going to learn it too! We can be guitar buddies! Right?