1) You're gripping the pick way to hard
2) Maybe get a lighter pick, that one looks a little too heavy
3)Relax your arm you're too tense, try using your wrist more too.

edit: 4) Slow down, you're trying to go to fast the key is to start slow.
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slow down, and get your wrist and your pick so they are comfortable, and your playing sounds clean, because right now playing clean and developing good technique take priority over playing fast, for you. get some good warm up exercises, that will help a ton too
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you hand looks kinda close to the neck pickup you shouldnt be picking up there

but i actully use my fingers along with my wrist for alt picking i kinda swivel my fingers
makes it way easier and faster
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Hm, well you say you try to use your wrist but you aren't really doing that. With the exercise you were playing in that video your elbow movement should be almost non-existent. I suggest watching videos of Paul Gilbert to see what wrist picking looks like. Then slow down, patiently practice, and go from there.

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you hand looks kinda close to the neck pickup you shouldnt be picking up there

It's mainly about the tone you're going for.
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First of all, try relaxing your arm. Then curve your index finger inward and bring the middle thumb joint a bit back up. After seeing your trem video, its obvious you need to bring your arm forward to about the middle area between the trem and fretboard. Also, have your wrist parallel to the strings, not curved down or up. That may help with the wirst motions. Try curving your right hand into a loose fist instead of having the fingers support the index finger. Finally, don't be afraid to place your hand lightly on the strings. It'll help later when you have to mute unwanted strings for fast string crossing runs.
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Anyway, on topic--I saw the other video of your playing from a different angle.
Your wrist is definitely sticking out way too high.
Bring it down and try to focus on just using your wrist.
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You really need to slow down! Get a metronome, if you do not already have one, set it to a slower tempo (say 60 bpm) and play one note per beat doing whatever you were trying to do there making sure to be perfectly on every beat. This will take lots of patience. Once you are perfect at 60, or whatever bpm you start at, bring it up a bit (say 65...) rinse and repeat.

Maybe try downloading Rock Discipline or some other instructional videos, they explain things a lot better than I ever could. (not to mention they can play about 100000X better than I can).