Distorted Whispers

This is the local band that I play rhythm guitar for. We think of it as rock/metal/hardcore sounding. The recordings up are our rough edits that we recorded ourselves when we first were put together. The songs since then have been re-built and cleaned up. Also one of the songs is a live cover of Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" at a small little gig we did on Halloween. Also we will be undergoing a name change soon so try not to hate much on the name right now

We will be re-recording all these songs and more soon and they will have vocals to them. We are looking for a lead vocalist. If you live in or around Ocean Shores, Washington hit us up on our myspace. We would really like someone who can deliver both clean singing and the screams. Check our blog on the myspace page to get see more of what we want.

So give us a listen and an add. Comments and constructive criticism is also accepted.

I play for these guys and girl:

I play a beautiful Schecter Damien Special FR

I use a Korg AX3000G Modeling pedal