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So I have a Epi. Prophecy L.P. EX which I run through an MG 50. Ok, YES I know this is garbage amp. HOWEVER... I am getting a new Peavey VK in the next few weeks. My concerns are as follows: Knowing I have a ****ty amp, I was still surprised at how completely useless my cleans were with this guitar compared to my cheap Ibanez'ish copy with generic pups/electronics. (the cleans/overdrive were actually decent). I also had to crank the amp up quite a bit more to even get sound on the clean channel. My overdrive even seems a bittt weaker (had to turn amp/distortion pedal up a bit more to equal my old guitar with passives, but I DOO like the final result as far as hard rock/heavy stuff goes)
Anyway.. but the clean is so bad I am considering taking the guitar in to my shop to have it checked out to see if I don't have something wrong with the wiring... I realize active pickups + solid state (especially an mg) isn't the greatest and I also know the EMG's aren't really known for good cleans. With that said I have to say i just CANT get a good clean AT ALL. I mean, I know this guitar is a rocker, but I expected it to at least be USABLE for occasional mellow stuff...I'm not some tone freak perfectionist. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised after all the reviews, and me with an MG... but i thought it would at least be **DECENT ENOUGH** for the average joe... but its f**ked up...Its muddy and distorted on the clean channel; picking isn't quiteeee as bad (still pretty ****ty) but chords are pretty much garbage and intolerable. Is this NORMAL? I'm talking.. *UHHHHH*. My action is set up fine, and I tried a new battery for the pups... but no use.
Once again, I am not complaining that i am not getting an AWESOME CLEAN, I'm telling you i basically CAN'T get a decent clean at all. Even clean, it sounds like Deep Purple overdrive or something haha.. only way sh**tier..
I just want to know if anyone else experienced this with active through SS amp or should I have my guitar checked out?

Edit: Also the same through my fender g-dec, only I REALLY have to turn up the volume.
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What you're describing sounds pretty much exactly what I'd expect from active pickups being played through a solid state amp.

Active pickusp are for driving an already fully cranked, naturally high-gain tube amp extra hard without causing too much extra background noise. That's it, that's all they are made for. If you use pedals, if you use preamp gain, if you're not fully cranking your volume or if your amp is a solid state or hybrid amp, then there is simply no point in using active pickups. It's like sticking a nitro boost onto a horse-pulled cart.

So that's part #1, your entire rig is completely unsuitable, no part of it is working together as it should. You've got pedals with a solid state amp - not good. Active pickups with a solid state amp - not good. Pedals with active pickups - not good. Active pickups when the amp isn't fully cranked already - not good.

Part #2 comes from a basic truth; as should be obvious when you consider what active pickups were made for, you won't get good clean tones from them, ever. It is possible with a good rig to get a clean tone from them, but it will never be a good clean tone. If you want an appealing clean tone then you need to look at low- or medium-output passive pickups and a naturally low-gain amplifier.
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Thanks, and yes I realize all this.. and I mostly play heavy metal anyway, and that is OK for the time being.. By no means is it anything special, but good enough to practice with. I am not looking for an exceptional clean like I said... but a clean that actually sounds at least a little like..well, clean. because I'm telling you, this is BAD. The reason I was considering taking the guitar in to get checked was because on top of all that, I had a pretty noisy volume knob when I move it, and a queer tone knob which seems fishy to me... doesn't sound right... I dunno, something is going on there I think. But the guitar was on sale and I won't be taking it back anyway. Worse comes to worse, I'll throw some good passive's in it if I still don't like the tone after the new amp. The feel of it is great, and I have no other objections. I just think the SG's look and play like my asshole and the red GX version LPw/ the Dirty Fingers looks like the g/f's rag.
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MrFibble got it pretty much spot on, if you're still unhappy when you get the VK (can't imagine why you would) you're gonna have to swap your pickups. Either that or get a Mesa Boogie....which is unlikely
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You can get great clean tones with active pickups. Just look at David Gilmour or El Hefe.
yeah try using the coil tap that should be on the volume control
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I had the same problem with the Epi Prophecy EM-2 FX that I had a few months back. Some of the wiring was soldered really crappy and I couldn't pull of cleans that well either. My bassist resoldered everything and it was fixed. It may not be your problem though but it could be.
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yeah get ur soldering checked becasue i have an epi prophecy with emgs and a valveking 112 and the cleans are great for me and before i had a marshal mg30 and still the cleans were clean and quite usable
That other guy was partially right. EMGs are for driving tube amps, but they're also for getting very sparkly cleans. They were made to be able to achieve the extremes, but not as much the middle ground. I'd go get the wiring checked if I were you. It could be faulty wiring, or a dead input jack on the guitar.
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