Okay, so I bought a peavey vypyr 30 watt, and it had a problem, so I brought it back and replaced it. Now, 2 months later, no sound will come out, no matter what I try, so I'm thinking of bringing it back and choosing another amp. I'm looking for one in pretty much the same price range, around $175-$225, and I would like one that I can trust, and won't break down on me repeatedly. Some help please? Thx =)
if he had a peavey i doubt he'd be looking for a fender, hey mate, need more info, what sorta music you like to play? what guitars and pedals do you have atm?
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Roland Cube. I have a 20w version (the worst of them IMO, don't get this one) and it's pretty much indestructible. The 30w and 60w versions are much better, and they have all the amp models.
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R.D, I play mostly metal, but I play calmer stuff too, RHCP is fun. But I'm looking for one that is overall best for metal. I have an epiphone SG-G400, and a fender strat. I have one pedal, it's a digitech RP150.
is it cold where you play? because the vypyr wont work unless it is about 65 degrees or something like that what i do if its too cold i unplug the cable from the amp and turn it on and let it do its crazy lightshow for a few minutes to warm it up almost like a tube amp except it doesnt have a standby switch just some crazy lights