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Been reflecting a lot lately on my experiences. This is sort of a realization of that in musical form. Overall, this isn't too abrasive, I actually find this song very relaxing. But nonetheless, you'll hear some metal influence in my playing. I hope you enjoy this track, I'll return the favor of critiquing your work, just leave me a link!

The track is called 'Introspective' and it can be found in my profile.

There's a lot of gain on the track, the sound of your pick really comes through. Which pickup position are you using?

The song structure is...different. I don't really think it flows too well?
The track is filled with a lot of scalar runs, which get old fast - you've got decent technique, but there's not a lot going on in terms of musical direction or feeling. I don't feel like the song pushes me anywhere, or leads me anywhere new.
I hadn't realized that the attack was being picked up quite so much in the recording, well what could I expect using my bridge pickup. I'll be more careful about tone next time. Most of my stuff doesn't really have a structure, but I'll try to avoid using too much scalar-like runs, I guess I'm a little too partial to that kind of stuff, thanks
Hey man! The very beginning reminded me of Don't fear the reaper! After those first two runs it diversified quite nicely. I think you have a lot of nice grooves going on in this track, from about 1 minute onward I enjoyed it more. It seems like a lot of jamming in some ways but that's also a good thing. The parts with dual guitar are really nice. I like it best from about 2:00 till the end.

good work on the drums- What did you use to make them? A couple of times I might have changed up the beat, but they helped bring everything together very well. Keep it up man, I hope to hear more from ya soon!
you really had many cool licks, but of course too much of a good thing gets a little old fast. you really could make a cool metal song if you structure it out more and add some heavy riffs. i honestly think that some of the stuff ayed would sound better faster. well, then again, that is just me. i really like listening to half way fast metal licks
you had some cool licks dude! To much gain for my taste and the picking sounds "to much" I think the progression is quite interesting, try to work on those things a bit C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1052558
To much gain. Way to much. You need a clearer tone. It sounded a little to much like an exersice for learning arpegios and the drum beat was way off. You where playing in 12/8 while the drums where in standard 4/4. It sounded average but to much like an exersice rather than having any real melody.


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good work on the drums- What did you use to make them? A couple of times I might have changed up the beat, but they helped bring everything together very well. Keep it up man, I hope to hear more from ya soon!

I finally bought EZdrummer, in fact it might have been you that suggested for me to buy it many months ago. I used a program called Dtab to make the actual drum beat and exported it into a midi file. I then used REAPER as a host for EZ. Drums used to give me a real problem, even if these aren't perfect, it sounds a lot better then what I used to get out of static sampling from free programs

You where playing in 12/8 while the drums where in standard 4/4.

Well I guess it's a matter of perspective, I was playing with the intention of triplets over a 4/4 beat, not playing in a different time signature over the drums.
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I really like the flow of this song. Grooves along with all the cool intertwining harmonies, but still has great breaks. The drums were also groovy. Right around :55 is when some hot fire kicks in and then goes into that super cool break around 1:10. Very nice. I always consider tone to be secondary, especially for musicians without pro-recording resources (it's only icing). So the most important thing is IDEAS!! And this song was full of great riffs and concepts.

Glad you enjoyed my song and I'll work on my originality.
Did you use a click? if u didnt, u should. the timing is pretty good though... the harmonized riff is pretty cool...

needs a backing chord for that harmonic minor thing... (i think thats what ur using dunno for sure)...

good job on the sweepz, cause you have them clean that slow you will own them when you speeds thems ups.
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Thanks for the crit on my song. I thought the songs many phases made it kind of epic, like a battle song . I thought the drums were overshadowing the guitar a bit to much. I didn't really like the guitar tone, but that's just me. Alot of people use that kind, but (coming from classic rockish school) I like a big fat punchy tone, but it wasn't much of a problem. Maybe add some bass to help the rhythm. It was a cool song, but just EQ your guitar a bit differently and make it louder.

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I like the arpeggios, although the first part with just the progression of chords and drums doesn't feel all that right for me.... I feel as though it's not really much of a song. The drums don't seem to fit at some points very clearly.

Ah, the part when the 2nd guitar comes in is much better... with this kind of piece, I'd try to even give it more complexion as it goes along and progresses... right now it doesn't seem to have much of a direction or resolve by the end, but maybe that's just me.

Also, perhaps try to make the two guitars have a more different tone from each other.

Introspective needs more guitar flow to it.

It just didnt sound fluent enough.

Maybe you should throw a rhythm guitar in there or maybe a bass track that keeps it flowing...like a river. nah-mean holmes?

Also, the drums sounded pretty good for the most part. It was slightly overpowering the other instruments.

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Yup, just to add to other people's comments, the song could do with some sort of theme, or a bridge between the different arperggio sections. Going from one to the other kinda gets you lost when hearing it! But you're not bad by any means! Just fiddle with the arrangement a bit,and you should have a really sweet tune there!

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I checked out your song Chavez, there's some pretty heavy riffing in there \m/, you've got some tight rhythm. I was expecting a breakdown at 1:10 but then the guitar stopped =(. The riffing that starts at 1:20 was pretty cool. The chorus of this song sounds a bit odd, though; the progression sounds a bit _off_ not sure what it is. The siren going off was a nice touch. Keep on chuggin'.