I'm looking to run a BBE Sonic Maximizer with an EQ for my rack and then have a BOSS NS-2 and TU-2 for pedals along with a 5150/6505 here soon, I'm assuming that I would route the racks through the effects loop of the head, but which way would I route it (same question about the pedals)?

Also, is it going to interfere with the signal if I have things running out of the effects loop as well as the guitar input on the head?
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I think I'm a little confused so bump for ya.

What do you mean 'which way would I route it'? I'm confused by your last question too. Yes, pedals can add noise and interference but that also depends on the quality of the pedals, the quality of the power, the order they are in, etc.

You can also ask in the Big Rack Amp Thread up in the 'gear collection thread' sticky.
I'd recommend not getting any of that gear, except for maybe the tuner. Your amp has an EQ for a reason, and the Sonic Maximizer is just horrible.


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