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I have recently been listening to a lot of 'ethnic/world' music(such as Indian, Turkish, Arabic, etc.) and I have been wanting to play in the style, more or less. However, I am not sure of whether standard tuning is, well, standard for most of these kinds of music. If it helps any, the Arabic/Turkish stuff is what I'd like to play the most. I don't have any of the instruments used in a lot of this music, only a guitar.

Any ideas? Or am I just stupid for ever posting this thread?

Thank you for any help
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play in drop f, nobody will hear you but heck it's original
Quote by Robbbbb
play in drop f, nobody will hear you but heck it's original

Funny, I could actually go lower and tune to drop E, if I don't break my strings first. Should I just try to tune it as if it were like, a Lute or something? idk
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Look in Wiki at the genres you want to play, and find the instruments used, and lit shoukld tell you their tunings.

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Well I imagine you'd be able to play any type of music with any tuning. However, I'm sure that there are certain tunings which facilitate Arabic/Turkish music. I honestly do not know them. However, it may interest you to look into scales like harmonic minor or those of more exotic origin, they may aid you in getting that certain _sound_ .
Maqam, read about it on Wikipedia. That will go into other stuff (Hijaz for example). Ideally you'd want a fretless instrument, as there seems to be some quarter note playing (So there's 24 quarter notes instead of Western 12)

I must say though, I'm just learning about this myself. This is just what i've learned so far, maybe somebody with more experience can add to this