Hey guys, I'm looking for a MIDI keyboard to record at home and also use for synth etc. at gigs with my band. I've got a budget of around £80 and have found two possibilities at the moment.



The second is more expensive than the first but my question is, is it worth the extra money? I'm willing to go and pay for the more expensive one but don't want it to not actually be that much better.

Also, any other, better suggestions?

Thanks guys
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well i just bought the 49 key one in the link last week.

I've been using it to layer sytnhs and piano parts over my bands tracks, which i will now also play live (as well as guitar, don't know quite how yet) through my mac with mainstage.

It's way worth it to get a broader span of octaves, it gives you far more freedom with sounds, which benefits you more in the live situation.

If you're after just recording, the first one is all good.
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don't get the first one, you'll run out of keys..

second one seems pretty good
I did a fair ammount of research and the Keyrig 49 seemed a really good entry level keyboard, nice to have some software chucked in too. GAK sell them for £58
If you're playing live, you need at least 49 keys. Hitting the octave buttons gets really annoying really fast and causes a delay in your playing. I have a pair of Keyrig 49s...they work well, just don't let it get wet. At all.
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