would probs be best 2 record using a line out
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Shure SM57, Classic Microphone for Recording guitars and Snares, Cheap, Built like a tank, has a very unique quality to it. Used by everyone at some point from Van Halen to Lamb of God. It will run you about $80 - $100 unless you can find a sale. Good luck!
SM57's probably the best overall value...$100 and it can handle the high sound levels.

RE20, MD421 if you have good preamps and AD converters. Ribbon microphones like the Royer 121/122 are good for the low end volume.
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SM 57 or Sennheiser 609
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The sm57 is a popular choice and is durable and sounds great. A lot of people these days are also opting for the Audix i5, which is a good alternative to the 57. Some people believe it sounds better.
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