I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have been in several bands and live scenarios, I have been play for about 4-5 years. I prefer Lead position, but love and appreciate the value of solid rhythm guitar which is what mainly comes out in any song writing I may venture in. I would consider a rhythm position, but it would have to be in an established band where it would be of more benefit to you to have me in that position that try for lead etc.

I don't mean to be so upfront and stuck up, but as the title says, I'm after SERIOUS musicians. I'm sick of being in half arsed bands who go nowhere. If you appreciate learning and writing songs properly and sounding professional and proper in the music you play, then you're the kind of person I wanna meet. I'm not looking for virtuoso musicians, just serious ones.

I will play any form of music with energy. Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, (possibly funk) and Heavy metal. I also enjoy other genre's but you'd have to contact me about it first as I'm not really looking for anything other than those right now.

If you're serious then so am I, hope to hear from you soon.

Gimme a call (screw mucking about with online communication which can take ages), my number is 0431 267 636.

what are your influences? im interested coz im sick of being in a band that all day goes around sayin "aw did you know wer in a band" and yet not even getting any band practice or even a first song. im into megadeth, early metallica, slayer, lamb of god so im a metalhead. i play lead fluent lead and or rythm but like yourself prefer lead. i live around thornside, wellingtong point, birkdale and i dont want to be travling all time. if you dont live around there then simply ignore this. thanx
Hey mate,

Only just saw the reply. I'm not 100% sure where exactly you are located, is it on the northside? I'm currently on the southside about 30 minutes away from the city, but if you're serious I'm sure there could be a halfway point, I don't mind travelling that much if there's a good reason to. I've got my own car, and it's a two seater with a steel cage in the back so I can carry my gear easily if need be. As it is I travel sometimes 20 minutes to my current band rehearsals, but I'm getting rather frustrated with those guys for the same stuff which pisses you off apparently. Trying to do a bunch of rock covers to get pub gigs etc and everyone bitches how easy it is, yet no one's serious enough to do it properly. Hence why months later, everyone's still bragging we're in a band, but nothing's actually happening, like you said.

Influences, yeah same as you pretty much, Metallica is god, plus I listen to the other old school metal like Megadeth, Maiden, Ozzy, and I can appreciate Slayer too. A huge Trivium fan too, dunno how that sits with ya, but I just like how they're trying to modernise that old Metallica-era metal. If you're interested in catching up then feel free to shoot us a PM or just call us on that number. I'd be interested in doing even a Trivium-esk scenario where the is no 'lead' and 'rhythm' guitarist, and we both have our chance in the spot light. In any case we can sort something out if anything happens.

Get back to us ASAP if you're at all interested! You sound like the kinda person I wanna meet.

And how old are ya just so I know? I don't care provided you're a serious musician.