Ok... i have a peavey valveking 212, and i had an idea.. instead of having to carry the fat thing everywhere, would it be possible to attatch some kind of wheels to it, i was thinking skateboard wheels or similar... would make transportation alot easier, would they hold the weight of it?
if anyone has done this before i would be greatful for your feedback of how it works

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flea in school? oh my....
If you mean put the whole axel and truck in then it would look stupid. Get a normal wheel put on it like one on a computer chair.
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Get some bad ass car wheels!
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Get some bad ass car wheels!

...and some flames on the front, too! LoL.
I can see the new show on MTV: "Pimp my amp".
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Wasn't there a thread about this like yesterday?
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This guy knows what he's talking about
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You could simply use a few wheelbarrow wheels bolted to the ends, they will support the weight easily, and it would look pimped if you put spinners on the wheels
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lol at the pimp my amp comment!
that wheelbarrow wheels idea is quite good
thanks for the tips guys, ill let you know how it goes with pics when im done
FightinIrishPJ wrote:

flea in school? oh my....
Unless your amp weighs more then 600kilos, which i very much doubt it, they will be fine.
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LOL, pimp my amp. I wonder what they could do with a MG...

Anyway, yeah get casters.

EDIT: Dang beat to the casters.
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yup indeedy doo. they should hold, aslong as you dont decide to ride along

That's what the said.
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haha, i can image during a gig... just siting on my amp and riding around.
ordered the casters anyway
will put pics up when complete
thanks for the help everyone
haha pimp my amp with an MG, now that would be fun!
FightinIrishPJ wrote:

flea in school? oh my....
got my casters today, will be fitting them tomorrow
ill have pics up tomorrow afternoon
FightinIrishPJ wrote:

flea in school? oh my....