Noob question, i know:

I have a Strat, a Vox V847 wah and a Marshall MG100DFX. I've figured out that u connect the guitar in to the pedal, then the pedal into the standard input on the amp. But my amp (like a lot of large amps) has two extra inputs on the back that say "FX send" and "FX return." How do I connect everything using those, and what's the benifit?

You can use the effects loop to connect and use your pedals.

guitar > amp > FX send > pedals > FX return > amp

Your footswitch should have a button to bypass the effect loop. If it's engaged, your sound will be affected by the setup of your pedal (provided you activated them). That's refered to as wet sound. If you turn off the effect loop with the footswitch, it works as if you had no pedals connected, and that's called dry sound.
There maay even be a knob to adjust the amount of "wetness". If it's on 0, and your FX loop is activated, then it still sounds dry. If the knob is on 10, you get the full-fledged effects. On 5, it's a 50-50 mix of dry and wet signal.
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A Wah pedal doesn't usually sound very good in the effects loop, so I'd just keep it in the signal change.