I have a Tokai Love Rock and the plastic jack plate has fallen to bits so I'm looking to buy a metal replacement.
It's the square ones I need, but do they come in different sizes/dimensions?

This one shows the dimensions but I think it's a little too big.

These others don't show dimensions.


Any help would be great! Thanks!
Can you not just measure the distances between your screw-holes to compare? Then when you have the measurements you can phone the shops selling them and ask, that would be the easiest way wouldn't it?
Well theoretically, but I've gone into shops and they just didn't have any.
I could call the websites, but I don't know if they'd be able to tell me. I'll have a look see.
Theres pretty much a standard size. The square ones fit gibsons. But the screwholes dont line up for epis. Theres not multiple sizes available.
Oh right, yea I've measured my guitar, but it's seems to be a couple of millimetres out, so I'm not sure. It's big enough difference to mean the screws wouldn't fit.
Probably its the way epis are. An aftermarket metal one will fit on the guitar but the screw holes dont line up.
Well if the screw holes don't line up then it's not going to fit lol. I'm not going to glue it on!
I put a metal one on 1 of my epis but I was painting it so filling the old holes and drilling new ones wasnt an issue. My other epi still has the plastic plate because of the screw hole problem.
You drill new screw holes, and if the holes are just slightly out of alignment and the screw goes in crooked you fill the holes with toothpicks and redrill.

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Buy it, and if it doesn't fit, fill the other holes with sawdust and glue, sand them and touch it up with some paint, and then put the new jack plate on.
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Got some dowels and fill the holes. Make new ones. Profit.

It's not like youre going to see the old holes where the dowels are..there's gonna be a jackplate there.
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Hmm, OK I'll look in to doing that then.

Does any one know of any local anaesthetics for guitars?