k well ive been playing guitar for probably bout 6 years now and have gotten pretty good. ive learned lots of basic stuff like old classic G n' R and Metallica, and just other random stuff but seek slightly more challenging stuff. if you can please post some really hard guitar songs that are fun to play thatd be great. thanks
What exactly can you play?
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well ... like you... i used to play old metal and rock.. but i found playing metallica and megadeth and stuff .. well i got to easy... so i discovered the magical genre of neo-classical... artists such as yngwie malemsteen , micheal angelo baito , and paul gilbert are some examples.... i also started playing stuff from artists such as jimi hendrix... eric johnson... and eventually i started writting my own material.. which i will be posting here soon
you want to no some songs i can play ok well
Scarified, Technical Difficulties - both by Racer x
bark at the moon - Ozzy
tons of metallica **** including one, master of puppets, just alot...
paradise city, sweetchild o mine - GnR
altitudes - jason becker
and list goes on.
sounds good tymanic, yea ive been looking into artists like baito, gilbert and such. and im extremely lazy but do hope to start writting my own stuff soon
If you like fast, Holy Wars by Megadeth is a good choice. I'd also recomend The Dark Eternal Night, by Dream Theatre, or maybe some Firewind.
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good suggestions, firewinds always fun to play and dream theater always a fun little challenge. and bodom is just fun to mess around with as well
Try Dream Theater, it's a lot of fun. But unless you have a 7-string dont try "The Dark Eternal Night" it's just a pain in the ass using a six. If your looking for heavy try "Honor Thy Father" - DT.
yea sadly i dont have a 7 string, im just 17 so dont really have much money pouring in. my next investments going in to a good amp, followed by a nice acoustic. then after those ill prolly want a 7 string as well as 12 string. i play all types of music so i need a variety of stuff haha
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