Not sure if this is the right area, If it isn't I'll be more than happy to relocate.

So, My 18th birthday is nearing, and I've half decided what I want to try and convince my parents to shell out some cash for.

is a Semi-Hollow body guitar, I've been playing Electric Bass for 3 and a half years whilst dabbling in some Acoustic guitar on my brothers really, dreadful Legend (Missing three tuners and wont go above a tone below standard)

I know rather little about electric guitars, and was hoping for a few recommendations that arn't too pricy.

Think, a just above entry level guitar.

Much appreciated
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you might want to try the ibanez artcore series as they are well priced and tend to look and play well..think like 250 dollars and up for them
oh sorry I forgot to mention

I'll be using the guitar for some simple Funk, Blues, Jazz, and acoustic-y stuff, Might swing into some Rock, nothing too heavy

I like the acoustic sound, But whenever I play it I'm aching for something a touch more electrical so thats why I thought Semi-Hollow

I'm also more than willing to check out full electric options if you think they are more what I'm looking for.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
I've just bought an Ibanez artcore AS93, and i would recomend it! It's reasonably priced (prob about $300) and sounds beautiful (but don't get it in blue)
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I've bought Epiphone Sheraton II and I'm very pleased with it. It can cover all the styles you've mentioned perfectly and it is of quite good quality. It's pickups and wiring aren't ideal, but you can change them if they're bad for you. It costs about 500$, but I've heard nothing but good reviews about it.
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i also recommend the epiphone casino. theres not much difference between the sheraton and the casino except for the floating bridge and tail piece on the casino. it is a great sounding guitar, very versatile.
all depends on what you're willing to pay. epiphone makes a few (Dot, Casino, Wildkat, Sheraton). also the ibanez artcore might suit you well. if you're willing to pay just a little bit more you can get a gretsch.
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