Here it is, the continuation of The Awakening, Pt.1: The Red Eye of Chaos. Again this is inspired by Progressive Rock and Dream Theater
(mostly their long songs like Trial of Tears, Ministry of Lost Souls, Learning to Live, etc.)
There are also Symphony X influences and Shadow Gallery in the song and other Progressive Metal bands .
It might sound more dull compared to the previous installment that's because I'm having a little writer's block so it's not that good compared to Part 1.
The song is clocking in about 16 minutes and 25 seconds and 25:26 in total combining The Awakening, Pt.1. I'll put lyrics soon when I have time .
If you want to know the story of the song there's additional info in the Score Information below. I've got nothing to say anymore so I'll just say what I always say:

Thank you and good day.
The End of Time.zip
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if you want, I can record this again (might take a bit more time now, as we have exams currently)

No need to crit this, for me personally, it's pretty much golden. Loved the little throwbacks to Awakening Pt. 1 . I could understand if somebody said it dragged a bit too long, somehow it feels slightly as if you would do some more work on the arrangement ?

Anyways, keep it up!
Edit: I listened to the whole thing several times. Like the above user said, yea, pretty much amazing. You're pretty goddamned gifted to come up with something this gargantuan.
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I'm critting as I listen so here we go :]

IV: Oooohhh... Very ominous intro. I like it. It fits with the name. Oh my god... I totally hear the Symphony X in the piano and then the harmony with the lead. This whole section now reminds me of Symphony X. I like the guitar alot when it comes in. The time signature changes are handled very well. It fits one after another.

At Bar 58 it reminds me of the same melody from the first one. I like that since.. well... it is a continuation ;] I like the use of 7/4 and 15/8. It blends together really well. This seems like it would be a good verse to me... nice good singing over this would be good.

Bar 70: I like the change. And the time signature change. It's very dark to me. But that's probably what you're going for. Then the thing at bar 86 is very Symphony X. It picks back up with a recurring melody then drops it :] And you don't do that too much. I like the use of piano and strings. How do you write your piano parts?! DX I wanna learn your ways! They're so good!

Bar 104: A nice change, but it's not my favorite part. It kind of irks me a little... but I dunno... it's still good :] There's just something about it that bothers me. At bar 112 I like the melody here alot. It makes this whole section just that much better. The end to it reminds me of Symphony X's song Egypt. They have something similar.

The next piano/bass part is nice. Again, amazing stuff. I like the clean guitar over it too. The bass is very nice. I really like it alot. This has to be my favorite part so far overall. This section is amazing. It seems really thought out. The piano is very good. Then at Bar 171 it gets a whole new epicness to it... this section is by far my favorite. I don't listen to much Dream Theater, but this reminds me of them. And the piano reminds me of the recurring melody.

Bar 187 pretty much just transformed this section into a verse. A good vocal melody over this would do this section wonders.

At bar 203 it reminds me of the similar section from the first... but you took this into a better direction in my opinion. I like the melodies you use in this section very much.

Bar 219 has an amazing melody. What is with you and your awesome melody sk1llz? Gah! You're just so good at it. Then the transition to Bar 235 is very nice. This section seems very proggy to me. I like it :] The strings add a very nice flavor to it.

Bar 251 is very nice, a good way to reuse the section from earlier, with a slight change.

Bar 266, the solo. It seems very nice so far. I like how the piano has a solo with it. That seems like something you like to do... and that's good. The solo isn't too wanky at all, with just the right amount of shred in the right places. The next melody is nice. The whole piece so far is very reminiscent of part 1.

VI: I like the intro to it. And the guitar has a very diminished/egyptian feel to it in my opinion. It gives it that very chaotic feel that this song needs. The lead adds alot. The guitar here is my favorite part of it all. I like how it's fast and relentless. It sounds like the kid destroying everything ;] That's probably what you were going for so thats good. The strings in it are very good. Good vocals would do this section wonders.

At bar 360 I like the arpeggios in the lead. The guitar reminds me of Racer X's Technical Difficulties. The lead at 369 on remind me of Nobuo Uematsu's work.

At 378 it again has that very chaotic feel that this song needs. It fits very well. I like it alot. The lead in it adds alot. Is that the same rhythm track from the first piece? Maybe.

The solo is nice. More fast paced than the first one and that's good. It offers alot of mood, and adds alot to that chaotic sense. Then the lead takes it and there is a guitar/lead harmony! I like that :] Reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu. Then the addition of strings is nice... it gives it alot of mood. This whole section is nice.

My only problem with that section is when the leads harmonize... it bothered me... I dunno why though.

VII: Then hey! It's the same part from the first! Yay!!! I like the use of recurring things... I just do.

The thing at Bar 485 reminds me of X JAPAN!!! It reminds me of their song Tears. I think it may be the same progression. I dunno, but it fits very well.

The next piano part is very good. Adds a good melody. I think it goes right into another section from the last song? I'm not sure.

The final piano section... I like it alot. It brings a good end to the piece. And I think I hear bits of the main melody in it. You seriously have a skill for writing amazing piano interludes. I don't know why you're so good at it... you should teach me ;] I think it sounds best without that last E, and just let the last chord ring out. That's just me though.

Haha I have to give this a 9.7/10. There were just some sections that irked me... but nothing big. You, sir, have a serious gift for writing. You have amazing guitar lines, amazing strings, amazing melodies, amazing piano. You need to make money off of this stuff... like seriously. Amazing work :]

Man... this crit was long xD
god mate! just amazing the entire song...... GAH!!! so good! the only problem i had with it is that it is SO DAMN LONG! may chop some bits out. im not saying take it down to a 5 min song, cause i do love a long song but 16 mins.... that is just to intense... maby bring it back to 11 or 12? but apart from that it was brillant, like ailes said the throwbacks to PT 1 were brillant... really great work! 10/10
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