Hi, just hoping for some recommendations here.

I've been playing a Cort SF 5 for the past year and I'm now thinking of a new acoustic or electro acoustic.

I love the look of the guitar, the tone is excellent and the Fishman electronics are pretty good. The problem is, it's a small bodied guitar and so I'd like something with a bit more volume, possibly a jumbo.

I've been looking at the Epiphone EJ-200 CE, which is the cutaway and electro-acoustic version of the EJ-200.

It looks great and has a much bigger sound (I tried the EJ-200 at Dawsons) than my Cort, but I find the neck unusually fat, especially compared to my Cort.

So, anyone have any suggestions for an electro-acoustic, jumbo size with a cutaway for around £300-£350?

Or, has anyone owned the EJ-200 CE? Reviews?